As the Month of May Begins Fading Fast

I am currently working on a manuscript to present to a traditional publishing company. I don’t discuss work that is not finished and not published either independently or through a traditional means. This is my first non-fiction piece; however, and it will contain my own original photographs as well incorporated within the piece. This is a more contemplative piece. It addresses a lot of darkness, but I am hoping that it will provide hope and peace to others that may be struggling with similar subject matter as addressed in my latest work. I am not going to reveal much more than that. I just wanted to provide anyone who is interested in what I am doing currently.

I have my independent writing line on hold for now as I work on this manuscript. I still have plans for my children’s book series and my next Seasons of Change novella, but those will be pushed back into the summer months, as I had previously mentioned. I needed to try something new in terms of marketing my work. I have been enjoying writing and producing work, it is just getting the word out of my work that has proven to be the most difficult of this journey of mine! Please check out my main page where my links for my new books are and my Red Bubble page and other information about me. You can check out my full page here: The Moonlit Goddess Home Page. Thanks again for your continued patience and support!

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