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april 8 2019 A

PSG Lopes
The Moonlit Goddess


Author, Freelance Writer, Editor,
Audiobook Proofer, Ghostwriter,
Digital Artist, Illustrator, Book Cover Creator,
Amazon KDP Book Formatter for Kindle and paperbacks,
Photographer,  Singer/Songwriter, 
ASCAP Member, Blogger, Podcaster
I have been writing professionally since 2016.
I am a freelance writer, blogger, editor, illustrator, singer/songwriter, audiobook proofer, digital artist, photographer, Amazon KDP book-formatting assistant, book cover creator and more! In need of any of these services? 
I do not mind signing a non-disclosure agreement for unpublished manuscripts/audiobooks or a work for hire agreement for singing/songwriting.
Just send me an e-mail of what you’re looking for exactly.
Here are my prices:
Manuscript editor:
Copy-editing: Tier 1 Pricing: (Price includes grammar, spelling, sentence structure and flow):
Starting at $25 per hour (5 pages per hour) 
Content Editing: Tier 2 Pricing: (Price includes continuity, idea development, plot structure, story flow, suggested re-writes):
Starting at $35 per hour (3-5 pages per hour)
Full-Service Editing: Tier 3 Pricing: (Includes grammar, spelling, sentence structure/flow, story continuity, idea development, plot structure, story flow, suggested re-writes, and final proofreading at the very end):
Starting at $50 per hour (3-5 pages per hour)
Audiobook Proofer (Price includes listening to your audiobook along with the manuscript to catch any discrepancies that don’t match up with the manuscript, any pronunciation issues, wrong character voice, or other “flubs” that I may catch while listening to your unfinished audiobook):
$25 per finished hour
(For instance, if your audiobook is seven hours, the cost of audio proofing would be $175).
Book Cover Designs:
E-book: $100
Paperback (Using Amazon’s book cover template): $200
Digital Art, Photography:
For wedding events, birthday parties, portraits, etc. $100 per hour
For general photography, pricing starts at $25 per photo depending on the depth of the assignment. Photos where travel is necessary, price increases. Price agreed upon prior to accepting a job. A contract must be signed before work begins.
Singer/Songwriter Skills:
 Compose song and sing, if needed. 
Price negotiated prior to accepting the job. A contract must be signed prior to beginning work.
Freelance Writer/Ghostwriter:
I will write full manuscripts in any genre other than erotica.
Many meetings required prior to writing, either in person, e-mail or through Skype prior to actual writing so ensure that the manuscript is written exactly how the client prefers.
.50 cents per word
(Ghostwriting does not include editing services,
that service is an extra cost).
Public Speaking Engagements:
I do public speaking engagements where I talk about living with depression and anxiety, my father’s dementia, childhood trauma, and other difficult topics to help raise awareness and instill hope to those who have lost their way.
Cost is $250 per speaking engagement in local areas by where I live.
For other areas, price negotiated prior to agreement.
Price takes into account travel arrangements ahead of the scheduled speaking date.
Disclaimer: All payments made through Paypal. Full payment expected upon completion of the project. For larger projects, like the ghostwriting and manuscript editing, milestone payments will be made throughout the project and a payment schedule will be outlined in the contract. For smaller projects, the turn-around is usually seven to ten business days; however, for lengthier projects, such as ghostwriting full-length novels, it can take as long as eight weeks to twelve weeks or longer to create depending on the content, word length desired, and other aspects. Clients are expected to sign a contract agreeing to price and turn-around time as well as paying in full prior to receiving finished results. Upon receiving the finished product, you will have opportunities for feedback and adjustments as part of the courtesy I provide with my service. I thank you all for your faith and trust in my work and I vow to take each project very seriously. 

A little bit about me…

Here is a list of my accomplishments for 2019, so far! Thank you to everyone who is consistently viewing my website and reading my blogs and listening to my podcasts and has always been a beacon of light in the darkness. Your constant encouragement and praises are what motivates me to try harder and to keep going!

John of Art, the second novella in the Seasons of Change novellas, is now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle e-book format. Click on the first picture below of the book cover to get your copy now! $12 paperback/$10 Kindle e-Book

Click this picture below for your copy of John of Art!

Here is the blurb for John of Art:

John of Art, a sequel to A Wynter’s Tale, is the newest novella in The Moonlit Goddess’ Seasons of Change series.
Wynn and Lin are settling into their newly married life in Wister Bay, Maine. When Wynn gets some devastating news about his new fledgling business, he and Lin find themselves in a familiar predicament that brought them together years back. As Wynn tries to re-navigate his life once again, Lin’s business as a psychologist is thriving. Her new client, Simone Soares, comes to Lin seeking coping strategies for her depression and anxiety. The majority of Simone’s troubles stem from her caring for her ailing father, João “John” Soares, who is suffering from advanced dementia. What Simone got instead was a whirlwind of chaos she had not expected. A chance meeting with a mysterious, out of town stranger helps Simone handle her grief, financial hardships, and the origins of her birth. With the help of those around her, Simone learns compassion, empathy, inner strength, and above all else, forgiveness.

For the first time, my new work is now featured in e-book format in other outlets like B&N, iBooks, and anywhere e-Books are sold. Just look me up under any search as PSG Lopes (The Moonlit Goddess Presents: A Seasons of Change Novella: John of Art)  wherever you purchase your e-Books. Paperbacks through new outlets will also be available soon and I’ll make those links available to you all as the author copy of the paperback is approved in the upcoming weeks. I chose a different distributor this time around so that my books would reach more people. I am making sure that everything is perfect before formally releasing it on a broader scale. I will keep you updated when the paperback is available through B&N and other outlets. Lastly, the audiobook will be produced soon and will be coming out in late summer. I will update you all and provide the link for that as well when the time comes. The book has a song which accompanies it and you can listen to that here:

Thanks to my voice-over artist, Chris Kenworthy, the audiobook for John of Art is now complete and has been submitted for approval. Once it’s been approved, I will let you all know where the audiobook can be purchased. Thank you all for your continued patience and support!

Thank you all for continuing to visit my website!

I’ve already got my eye on my next two projects and I’m in the developing stages of both! I’m always thinking ahead!

NOW AVAILABLE IN THE AUDIBLE, AMAZON, and iTunes apps: My first audiobook for my novella, A Wynter’s Tale! It is narrated by voice-over artist Chris Kenworthy! I am so proud of this work and having my work created as an audiobook has been a dream of mine for a long time! I am so happy to see it come to fruition! It is available now for $14.95 on the above platforms! I hope that you all enjoy!

Click the following orange links below to get your copy of my audiobook in the various platforms:

Audible: A Wynter’s Tale Audiobook via Audible!

Amazon: A Wynter’s Tale via Amazon!

iTunes: A Wynter’s Tale via iTunes!

A Wynter’s Tale is also available in paperback and Kindle Editions! Click on the picture below if you are interested in buying a physical copy of my novella!

My New Children’s Book is FINALLY HERE! Click on the picture below to order my new children’s book:

My Papa and Me: A Children’s Book About Our Journey With Dementia

Available Now On Amazon!

Kindle: $5

Paperback: $12

blog post friday may 10th 2019

Also New in 2019:

Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 3: The Wilted Perennials of Yesteryear! [Click on the image below to order on Amazon for Kindle ($9) or Paperback ($25)]Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 3: The Wilted Perennials of Yesteryear was featured in my town’s local paper!

blog part two feb. 15th

   Click on one of the pics from my previous works below. They will direct you to Amazon if you are interested in my back catalog of writing and music!

Check out my blog. Updated frequently: Click here

Check out my weekly Podcast! Click here

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Check out my Red Bubble Shop for merchandise with my artwork: Click here

Interested in reading my back catalog of children’s books, novellas, music, and poetry?

Check out my Amazon Author Page and check out my writing and music:

Click here (BOOKS)

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Please consider donating to help with the costs of keeping my writing line thriving!

Simply click on the orange link below and make your donation. Any monetary donation would be greatly appreciated!

All donors who support my writing line will get a sticker and greeting card with my new logo personally thanking you for your generous donation!


Click Here: Pay Pal Donations for The Moonlit Goddess

Thanks to everyone for your continued support over the years!

You are all the reason why I continue!

New Logo 2019

Welcome, 2019!!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce the release of my latest work! Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 3: The Wilted Perennials of Yesteryear is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle Editions! I am so very proud of this work! This was my focus throughout the whole month of January. As many of my readers already know, 2019 started off with heartbreak. I saw two forks in the road for myself in 2019. I could have either taken the self-destructive path and allowed what I went through to destroy me internally, or use my pain productively and focus on my writing. So, I chose to work on my writing and rebuild all of the momenta I had lost in 2018.

For Dark Musings Volume 1, I had focused on my transition from leaving education to becoming a writer and that volume focused greatly on loss, and rebuilding my life from the ground up. Dark Musings Volume 2 was an experimental anthology where I wrote my very first epic poem and decided to incorporate illustrations, photography, and short stories with this work. I simultaneously released Volume 2 with the 2nd edition of Volume 1 to incorporate photography in this edition as well.

For Dark Musings Volume 3, I decided to include 45 poems and one short story entitled, “The Clown-Covered Canvas.” The 45 poems in this volume vary in topics including heartbreak, nostalgia, how I am coping with my dad’s dementia, and feminism. I experimented with several types of poetry such as: haiku, sestina, sonnets, concrete poetry, ekphrastic poetry, elegies, villanelles, acrostics, epigrams, limericks, free verse, tanka, and more! I tried to really vary the styles of each poem. I am very proud of this work. Since the theme for Volume 3 is “The Wilted Perennials of Yesteryear,” I decided to incorporate my photography of nature. I included pictures of flowers, landscapes, and photos depicting the handiwork of mother nature.

Here are pictures of the front cover and back cover of my book:

The back cover blurb reads:

Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 3The Wilted Perennials of Yesteryear, focuses on heartbreak, loss, nostalgia, and coping with the illness of a loved one. The third anthology of the Dark Musings Poetry Anthology series contains forty-five poems and includes one bonus short story, “The Clown-Covered Canvas.”

For those of you interested, you may purchase my book using the orange links below:

Kindle Edition: $9

Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 3: The Wilted Perennials of Yesteryear Kindle

Paperback: $25

Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 3: The Wilted Perennials of Yesteryear Paperback

For those of you interested in my back catalog of other written works, please visit my Amazon Author Page for my writing: PSG Lopes/The Moonlit Goddess’ Amazon Author Page


Or Amazon Marketplace for my song single, “In Recovery”: PSG Lopes/The Moonlit Goddess Song Single “In Recovery”

I am trying to work on possibly doing a Virtual Launch Party for Dark Musings Volume 3. I will update you more about that as and when it happens. For now, I am currently in the process of working on my next project. I am wasting no time and diving right in. I currently have 2 more things I’m working on at the moment. I want to thank the followers of my blog and social media, my weekly listeners of my podcast, and my friends and family who have supported me throughout this odyssey of mine.

Thank you for never giving up on me! Thanks to anyone who supports my work. I hope that you enjoy the work that you will kindly leave feedback on Amazon. It really greatly helps with spreading the word out on what I do!


On a side note, for those of you who missed it yesterday! Yesterday’s podcast was the first interview I conducted with the ever-talented comedienne and writer Amanda Lynn Baez! We had so much fun talking about our career paths, women working in competitive creative fields, feminism and so much more! I was so happy to do this interview for several reasons. Firstly, Amanda is a former student and I love highlighting success stories of those who have graduated. I absolutely love Amanda’s positivity and fearless nature. She will let nothing get in the way of her success. She was an inspiration to me and motivated me as well. Last night, I was interviewed for my local paper and I was nervous about it in the morning but after conducting that interview with Amanda earlier in the day, and just hearing her story of empowerment and courage, that really helped provide me with my own confidence to proceed with my own interview later that evening. I am a firm believer in the saying, “everything happens for a reason!” So, thank you, Amanda! I wish you much success and luck in life!

If you haven’t yet, give the podcast a listen. Just click the orange link below! Thank you so much!

PSG Lopes/The Moonlit Goddess Podcast Interview with Amanda Lynn Baez

If any women are interested in being interviewed for my podcast please email me at  

We can set up a time to do our podcast. I am highlighting women of all ages who are entering, have entered, or are well-established in entrepreneurial or creative fields and who would like to highlight their success stories to my listeners. These are volunteer spots as I cannot currently afford to pay my guests, but volunteers do get copies of my books and other fun treats for their time!

Thanks again, everyone! Onward and Upward!

New Logo 2019


I am very pleased to announce the release of my first children’s book: The Moonlit Goddess Presents: The Will O’ The Wisp Tales: Children’s Books: Little Stan’s Lucky Day! It is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Edition formats! The paperback version is $12 and the Kindle edition version is $3. I am very proud of this work and this is a real dream come true to be able to publish my first children’s book of hopefully many more to come. My children’s book has been chosen as one of the books to be read aloud at a children’s book festival for the month of October 2017 in Ireland.

Here is the blurb of my book, Little Stan’s Lucky Day:

Little Stan was just a 5-week old kitten when he was found all alone and scared outside in the backyard.

At first, he was afraid, but then he learned to play with his new fur friends inside his new forever home!

Stan was lucky enough to have found a nice, warm home and a great new family!

If you are interested, please order here on my Amazon Author Page (click on the link below). This book has been entered in a very prestigious contest sponsored through Amazon that would help me become signed by a distinguished publishing company along with being mentored by great literary professionals. Every purchase of my book helps me get closer to a chance to win! Also, for every purchase of my children’s book, a small portion of the proceeds will be donated to local animal shelters. Thanks so much for reading and please don’t forget to leave feedback for the book after you have purchased and read it! Thanks again!

PSG Lopes, The Moonlit Goddess Amazon Author Page

The music single for my poem, “In Recovery,” which is featured in my Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1- 1st and 2nd edition is now available to purchase on Amazon Prime. You can purchase the CD here for $10 on Amazon Prime here:

In Recovery CD on Amazon Prime

The lyrics and melody of the song are my own, but I had a production team layout the vocals and guitar for the song. Check out the sample in the video below. I hope you all like it!


IT’S OFFICIAL!!! The Moonlit Goddess Presents: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 2: The Storm Over Vermillion Fields: An Epic Poem is OFFICIALLY RELEASED ON PAPERBACK AND KINDLE EDITION EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH AMAZON!!!!

Vol 2 final front cover


The Moonlit Goddess Presents: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 2: The Storm Over Vermillion Fields: An Epic Poem: Kindle Edition: $3

The Moonlit Goddess Presents: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 2: The Storm Over Vermillion Fields: An Epic Poem: On Paperback: $22

Here is the Blurb for Volume 2:

Introducing Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 2.

Volume 2 features the epic poem, The Storm Over Vermillion Fields, composed and illustrated by PSG Lopes. The Storm Over Vermillion Fields addresses the old adage: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover. Along with the epic poem, Volume 2 features poems, short stories, free writes, song lyrics, and other dark musings. Themes and genres vary throughout each poem and story. Some themes include romance and love, seasons, nature, revisiting the past, depression, yearning for change, horror, and so much more. Artwork accompanies all writings. Most of the photographs were taken by the author PSG Lopes. A few photographs were donated to PSG Lopes for Volume 2. Acknowledgments of photographs are listed inside. All art designs are by PSG Lopes solely.

Volume 2 Includes the Following Works:

  1. The Storm Over Vermillion Fields (Epic Poem)
  2. I Thought You Were Different
  3. You’re All Wrong, You’re All Right
  4. I Wanted to Be an Accountant Once
  5. In Search of Me
  6. Maggie K.
  7. The Peacock
  8. The Turn of the Season
  9. The Many Tears I’ve Cried (Where Were You?)
  10. The Only Place I Know
  11. Empty Promises
  12. A Series of Three: The Haikus (The Effects of Rain, The Torture of Winter, Romance)
  13. The Little Panda
  14. A Night Among the Living
  15. A Breath of Freedom
  16. World Peace
  17. A Darkened Fairy Tale
  18. Twin Flame
  19. The Long-Lost Milk Jug
  20. The Longest Train Ride
  21. The Final 24 Hours
  22. The Loosened Slipper
  23. Desolation
  24. The Seeing Eye
  25. A Lady’s Knight

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!! I have also RE-RELEASED The Moonlit Goddess Presents: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1 as a 2nd edition!!!! FEATURES PHOTO ART AND A SMALLER SIZED BOOK! 77 pages of poetry, song lyrics, and other dark musings along with photo art to accompany each work! Featured on glossy color printed paper! Also available exclusively through Amazon!

Vol. 1 2nd Edition


The Moonlit Goddess Presents: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1, 2nd Edition: Kindle Edition: $3

The Moonlit Goddess Presents: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1, 2nd Edition: On Paperback: $13

Here is the blurb for Volume 1, 2nd edition:

2nd Edition of Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1. NOW INCLUDES PHOTO ART FROM PSG LOPES!!

The following anthology includes thirty poems, song lyrics, and other dark musings from the author, PSG Lopes, AKA ‘The Moonlit Goddess.’ Themes for these works include love, both returned and unrequited, betrayal, ending friendships, starting over, finding family, depression, sadness, natural and supernatural elements, finding hope during hopeless times, and anger, among others.

The anthology includes the following poems:

Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1

September 2016 Collection

#1 The Window

#2 Asunder

#3 In Recovery

#4 Nicolaus’ Suffering

#5 Divinia at Peace

#6 Impurity Scorned

October 2016 Collection

#7 Liberty Street

#8 Betrayed

#9 The Palpability of Loneliness

#10 Small-Time Sinner

#11 Endship

#12 Saying Goodbye to Hate

November 2016 Collection

#13 Calamity Me

#14 Rock Bottom

#15 The Leaves How They Fall

#16 Dark Side Fantasy

#17 Nightmares Calling Me

#18 Erotic Dance of the Supernatural

December 2016 Collection

#19 Ja-Ja James

#20 Conquistador

#21 Amorous Embers

#22 Vixen

#23 Taking Flight

#24 When the Rain Comes

January 2017 Collection

#25 A Wicked, A Wicked

#26 Saving Me

#27 Take Me to My Aunt’s House

#28 Sick Day

#29 Does He Know It’s a Sin?

#30 Jubilant Behavior

What’s next on my writing agenda? Well, quite a bit! I have a lot on my plate right now. I am working on expanding The Moonlit Goddess Writing Line with my Children’s Books Series: The Will-O’-The-Wisp Tales. More on that coming soon! Also, I have my 2nd novella, John of Art, coming out Fall 2017! Finally, for now, I am also working on my autobiography as well. I am also a digital photographer and have been working on expanding my Red Bubble Store to include more digital photos of mine. Lastly, I just commissioned a recording studio to create a song using my poem, “In Recovery,” from Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1 and Volume 2. I can’t wait for you all to hear the finalized product! The lyrics and melody are my own. The recording studio is writing the music for me and having a professional vocalist sing the track for me. So there are a lot of projects that I am juggling! Very exciting times! I hope you enjoy the Vol. 2 and the Vol. 1, 2nd edition and my novella,  A Wynter’s Tale, in the meantime! There is a lot of writing I am brewing. I am grateful for your continued patience and understanding with these new releases. It was a real labor of love. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks a million!

Also available exclusively through Amazon:

The Moonlit Goddess Presents: A Seasons of Change Novella: A Wynter’s Tale

The reviews are in! See what people are saying about my first novella, A Wynter’s Tale, available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition!

“Linda is a very human character that a lot of readers will be able to identify with. You did a good job with her…she’s flawed, but lovable…like real people. As I kept reading, she continued to grow into a psychologically, emotionally, and socially complex individual…and I couldn’t wait to see what she did next!”-Tony from Scotland

“A Spellbinding, Modern Day Parable. Unfolding a modern-day fiction with an affable appeal, ‘A Wynter’s Tale’ is an adventurous narration of two charismatic characters ‘Linda’- Belinda Denise Martins Capwell Chamberlin and ‘Wynn’-Wynter Hawkings a retired, recovering air force pilot. Adopted by a wealthy couple after the accidental death of their only son- Gregory, Linda had all that money could buy, but was forced to keep out of sight from her cold despondent adoptive parents as she made a poor substitute for Gregory. A dramatic twist brings Linda to the pathway of Wynn Hawkings who has his own share of complications to solve and figure out.

Author PSG Lopes demonstrates the power of simple words and snappy dialogue in a spellbinding intriguing tale through the amazing camaraderie of Linda and Wynn as they embark on an adventurous journey of a lifetime that is sure to resonate with readers and evoke emotional attachment for each of the characters long after the last page has been turned. ‘A Wynter’s Tale’ is a delightful, entertaining and a heartfelt tale of headstrong characters superbly crafted, with well thought out diction that is sure to satisfy and appeal to the fans of any genre even light-hearted reads lovers. Highly recommended. It’s a well rounded, entertaining 5-star read.”

Check out this formal review here! A Wynter’s Tale Review

The Moonlit Goddess Presents: A Seasons of Change Novella:  A Wynter’s Tale on sale now on Amazon for Paperback and Kindle Edition:

Paperback $6: A Wynter’s Tale on Paperback

Kindle Edition $3:  A Wynter’s Tale Kindle Edition

Here is the blurb from the novella, A Wynter’s Tale:

Belinda ‘Linda’ Denise Martins Capwell Chamberlin appears to have it all. She has the looks, the rich upbringing, the top-notch education, and the equally rich and well-groomed fiancé that any woman could ever hope for. The reality; however, is that Linda is in a rut and spent years carrying the burden of past trauma.

Wynter ‘Wynn’ Hawkings is a retired Air Force pilot recovering from an injury after a routine training flight. After a year of convalescing at his parents’ home, Wynn is now feeling the pressures of his successful, married siblings to find another career and move out of their parents’ home and finally move on with his life.

After a chance meeting on Thanksgiving, Linda and Wynn go on the adventure of a lifetime, discovering a longing that they have both been missing their whole lives. Through positivity and humor, Linda and Wynn work together to overcome the tragedies and adversities they have faced in their lives.

Another venture is my Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1, which is on sale now in paperback and Amazon Kindle! This contains 30 poems, song lyrics and free writes that are new and old of mine that I have written over the years and more recently. This was the first official work that I have written that was not only published digitally via Amazon Kindle but also available through the paperback. Volume 1, 1st edition is poetry only, no artwork like 2nd edition contains. The price is $3 for Kindle e-book and $8.99 for the paperback. Thank you all for your continued patience and support! This is a huge deal for me and I am very happy with how the book turned out! Order yours today here:

Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1 on Paperback: $5: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1 on Paperback Available on Amazon

Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1 on Amazon Kindle: $3: Dark Musings Poetry Anthology: Volume 1 on Amazon Kindle

Yet another venture of mine this year is actually through another means of expression. I just opened a Red Bubble Merchandise Shop of my cover art and logo brand. Check out my shop for new designs posted often! There are tons of items available like t-shirts, stickers, clocks, etc. New stuff from Vol. 1, 2nd edition and Vol. 2 added!

Any questions, comments, compliments, suggestions, etc. please email me at

Thank you for all of the support and for visiting my page!


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